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Debora Cohen

Debora Cohen, CEHP is the creator of Kundalini Awakening Transformation Therapy, an online energy training course. Debora holds a BA honors tract in psychology, one year of masters study and 3 years of clinical doctoral education. She is twice published in psychological Journals and Author of Kundalini-Empowering the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. A speaker, healer and mentor, Debora is passionate about helping people thrive and live their Souls highest dreams. She is featured on BeProvided health radio podcast, and facilitates transformational retreats. Debora offers appointments locally in or worldwide via skype/facetime.

Marcia Sivek

Marcia has had a very non-linear path to where she landed today! In 2008, she ended her environmental engineering career to get a MS in human nutrition after following life-changing advice from her mentor and nutritionist. Marcia went from sick to healthy and her passion for healthy living and eating was born. As she found herself healthier and more active, she found other aspects of her life needed to be addressed again. These were her love for nature, painting and traveling. So her goal in life now is to combine all these passions to make a healthier self. She is excited to share these passions with you.

She has a conservation podcast where she shares stories from the people who are helping to protect our world through conservation, art, writing and giving. She wants people to be provided with positive information about our natural world to inspire hope.

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Please contact us if you want to experience this program but cannot afford it. We are now offering limited scholarship registrations for those who fit the criteria. 

Also, we have reduced our price of this program for a limited time from $997 to $500. This will still give you a lifetime access with updated materials, all the calls, webinars and audio.

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